Mocha Glam Box for Planners

You take your planner everywhere you go. It's a part of your daily routine. It contains some if not all of the most important information in your life. It should match your personality, your mood, your lifestyle!!! You are unique and there is only one of you...why not make sure that your planner is as unique as you are?!? Every month we'll curate the most unique items to accompany your planner style, package them up, and send them right to you each month! You'll receive items like stickers, inserts, washi tape, clips, notepad, embellishments...and so much more. What are you waiting for? Get my "Mocha Glam Box...for planners" now!

Sticker Pack Monthly

You asked we delivered! The sticker pack monthly is your way to get 5-6 sticker sheets each month from your friends at Mocha Glam box. Your stickers will be delivered in a sturdy envelope instead of a box. Sticker sheets will be designed specifically for the Mocha can expect to see functional stickers, deco boxes, personalized stickers, stickers featuring custom artwork and mini sticker kits to complete your planner.